Mason Creek Weather                                                 Summer Edition
                                Wednesday  August 17, 2022     10:30 am CDT  
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Criteria: Daytime, feels like temp range of 95-105°F, and dew point of 71°F or higher
this advisory is computer generated based on the criteria above and is neither endorsed by or issued by the National Weather Service

Leander, Texas USA
4/10 mi West of Bagdad Rd at Crystal Falls Pkwy
30.5529° N   97.8615° W   Elevation 1043 ft
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3 hour trends
last instrument scan: 10:30 am
(every 5 minutes)

92°F   33°CSSW

4 to 8 mph
0.00 in
0.0 mm
since midnight
98°F ←feels like→ 36°C
113°F in direct sun

Wind Roses

last 24 hrs       last 2 hrs
current rainfall rate
0.00 in/hr  
0.0 mm/hr

0.00 in ←rec'd prev hr→ 0.0 mm
15°F change last 3 hrs

High Today
94°F ← 10:17 AM→  34°C
Low Today
77°F ← 07:01 AM→ 24°C

82°F ←Average Today→ 27°C

Average Wind Speed Today 4 mph
High Gust Today 11 mph
0.00 in←Yesterday
0.00 in ←Week
 0.00 in ←Month
 8.49 in ←Year


29.989 in Hg
1015 millibars
⇓ falling
-0.005 in Hg last 3 hrs


High Today 92% 07:05 AM
 Low Today 52% 10:15 AM
-38% change last 3 hrs

75°F ←High Today→ 24°C
72°F ←Low Today→ 22°C
74°F ←Average Today→ 23°C
-2°F change last 3 hours

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Distance 10:30 am
240475 miles
65% Full

D i r e c t i o n
⇦ W
bearing 269°
26° ⇑ above the horizon
Moonrise 11:53:55 PM
Lunar Noon 05:59:04 AM
Moonset 12:43:27 PM

Next New 08/27/2022 03:17:02 AM
Next First Quarter 09/03/2022 01:07:40 PM
Next Full 09/10/2022 04:58:58 AM
Next Third Quarter 08/18/2022 11:36:02 PM

10:30 am CDT
Direction: E @ 101°
Currently 94.106777555 million miles from Earth
44.0435391269° ⇑ above the horizon

Dawn: 06:33:28 AM
Sunrise: 06:59:17 AM
Solar Noon: 01:35:28 PM
Sunset:08:11:12 PM
Dark: 08:36:58 PM
 Daylight: 13 hrs, 12 min
-22 sec less than yesterday
Darkness: 10 hrs, 48 min

Future Seasonal Solar Events
   Vernal Equinox: 03/20/2023 04:24:13 PM
 Summer Solstice: 06/21/2023 09:57:53 AM
Autumnal Equinox: 09/22/2022 08:03:31 PM
    Winter Solstice: 12/21/2022 03:47:58 PM

Our Solar System
Wednesday  August 17, 2022   10:30 am CDT

99.86% total mass of the entire solar system
Fuses 600M metric tons of hydrogen per sec

Diameter 864,938 mi
Rotation Period: 648 hours       Year: 247.7 billion years
Average Surface temp 10,000°F
Current Position and Bearings

94.106777555 million miles  from Earth
Rise 06:59:17 AM
Set 08:11:12 PM
Bearing 101.509929935°
44.0435391269° above the horizon

Smallest planet. Closest to the Sun, but
not the hottest. Very thin atmosphere.

Earth probe currently enroute, ETA December 2025

Diameter 3,031.9 mi
Day: 4222.6 hrs      Year: 88 days
Average surface temp 330°F
Current Position and Bearings

99.4952970811 million miles  from Earth
42.8778557183 million miles from the Sun
Rise 08:59:35 AM
Set 09:20:05 PM
Bearing 97.4659593428°
18.9066756698° above the horizon

Hottest planet due to high pressure
CO2 atmosphere. Brightest due to highly
reflective clouds of CO2.

Diameter 7,520.8 mi
Day: 2802 hrs      Year: 224.7 days
Average surface temp 867°F (lead melts at 621.5 °F)
Current Position and Bearings

150.268127984 million miles from Earth
66.8418778067 million miles from the Sun
Rise 05:36:19 AM
Set 07:16:29 PM
Bearing 106.679980156°
61.3048068577° above the horizon

Only planet with H2O oceans, life forms,
and just one moon.

Moon phase as viewed from the Northern Hemisphere

Diameter 7,917.5 mi
Day: 24 hrs      Year: 365.25 days
Average surface temp 59°F, rising due to CO2 pollution
Current Position

94.106777555 million miles  from the Sun
240475 mi  from the Moon

Oxidized ores explain it's reddish color
Polar ice caps and seasons like Earth

Diameter 4,212.3 mi
Day: 24h 37m 23s       Year: 687 days
Average surface temp -85°F
Current Position and Bearings

96.6974613818 million miles from Earth
130.515819058 million miles from the Sun
Rise 12:46:36 AM
Set 02:21:08 PM
Bearing 263.463728214°
48.3304322274° above the horizon

Largest planet, all gas, no land surface
Violent hydrogen & helium atmosphere

Diameter 86,881 mi
Day: 09h 50m 30s       Year: 11.86 years
Average surface temp -166°F
Current Position and Bearings

387.924161045 million miles from Earth
460.880448725 million miles from the Sun
Rise 10:10:48 PM
Set 10:26:20 AM
Bearing 272.88296889°
-0.641867454139° above the horizon

King of rings, 62 confirmed moons,
composed mostly of hydrogen & helium

Diameter 72,367 mi
Day: 10h 14m       Year: 29.46 years
Average surface temp -220°F
Current Position and Bearings

0.823400835625 billion mi  from Earth
0.917366361178 billion miles from the Sun
Rise 07:58:55 PM
Set 06:50:58 AM
Bearing 280.423415772°
-47.244889772° above the horizon

28° axial tilt, similar to Mars & Earth
Rotates on it's side

Diameter 31,518 mi
Day: 17h 14m       Year: 84 years
Average surface temp -320°F
Current Position and Bearings

1.81836606224 billion miles  from Earth
1.83030698144 billion miles  from the Sun
Rise 12:10:55 AM
Set 01:37:36 PM
Bearing 267.633094249°
39.2369232721° above the horizon

Furthest, darkest, and coldest planet
1,500 mph winds and 13 moons

Diameter 30,599 mi
Day: 16 hrs       Year: 164.8 years
Average surface temp -330°F
Current Position and Bearings

2.69901297546 billion miles  from Earth
2.78082074497 billion miles  from the Sun
Rise 09:33:34 PM
Set 09:25:30 AM
Bearing 274.908939602°
-14.4380346506° above the horizon

The NASA images and the NASA Pyephem positional computing library used here are free for non commercial use only.

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