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Thursday  November 30, 2023
Week 48 of 52
Day 334 of 365

Central Standard Time
(UTC -6 hrs)

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This weather station is not endorsed by or affilliated with NOAA or the National Weather Service. The NWS logo is a registered trademark of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, used with permission.

(since midnight)

High/Low Temp 76°F 02:56 PM
55°F 02:19 AM
High/Low Humidity
99% 01:51 AM
78% 02:58 PM
High/Low Dewpoint
69°F 02:48 PM
54°F 12:00 AM
Barometric Pressure
29.999 in 12:10 AM
29.648 in 03:00 PM
Highest Wind Gust 16 mph 03:05 PM
Average Wind 6 mph
Rainfall 0.04 in

(since midnight Sunday)

High/Low Temp 76°F Nov 30
34°F Nov 27
High/Low Humidity
99% Nov 26
32% Nov 28
High/Low Dewpoint
69°F Nov 30
29°F Nov 27
Barometric Pressure
30.463 in Nov 28
29.648 in Nov 30
Highest Wind Gust 22 mph Nov 26
Average Wind 5 mph
Rainfall 0.04 in



High/Low Temp 85°F Nov 07
34°F Nov 27
High/Low Humidity
99% Nov 04
32% Nov 22
High/Low Dewpoint
72°F Nov 09
27°F Nov 22
Barometric Pressure
30.563 in Nov 01
29.648 in Nov 30
Highest Wind Gust 28 mph Nov 21
Average Wind 5 mph
Rainfall 1.00 in


High/Low Temp 111°F Aug 27
27°F Jan 31
High/Low Humidity
99% Jan 10
15% Feb 22
High/Low Dewpoint
83°F Jun 21
22°F Feb 11
Barometric Pressure
30.628 in Feb 03
29.279 in Mar 02
Highest Wind Gust 42 mph Mar 02
Average Wind 6 mph
Rainfall 25.98 in



Other weeWX Stations Worldwide


This station was approved by NOAA in 2020 to feed data as a non-NOAA provider to the NOAA MADIS database via the Citizens Weather Observer Program.

Combined with thousands of other public and private weather stations worldwide, this data is used for forecasting, nowcasting, modeling, renewable energy forecasting, and science education.


This private weather station is not affiliated with NOAA except as a volunteer non-NOAA WX data provider. The NOAA logo is a registered trademark of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, used with permission.

Station KTXLEAND445

This weather station is also on the Weather Underground network under the alias of W5SDC-WX in Mason Creek, accessible from the link above. The WU logo and "WEATHER UNDERGROUND" are trademarks or registered trademarks of TWC Product and Technology LLC. Used with permission.

Mason Creek Tornado 2000

wireless signal quality

Wi-Fi signal OK    
5n1 Sensor Batteries OK
last replaced on Nov 2, 2023


Server Room   76°F

Leander, Texas USA
0.4 mile West of Bagdad Rd at Crystal Falls Pkwy
WX conditions 08:35 pm CST

63°F   17°C
  feels like 65°F


4 to 7 mph
0.04 in
1.016 mm
total rainfall today
0.00 in ←  last hour

Wind Distribution

last 24 hrs       last 2 hrs
current rainfall rate
0.00 in/hr  
0.0 mm/hr

-6°F temp change last 3 hrs
Average Wind Speed Today 6 mph
Highest Wind Gust Today 16 mph
 0.00 in←Yesterday
0.04 in ←Week
 1.00 in ←Month
 25.98 in ←Year


29.768 in Hg
1008 millibars
⇑ rising
0.075 in Hg last 3 hrs


High Today 99% 01:51 AM
 Low Today 78% 02:58 PM
9% change last 3 hrs

62°F  16°C
-3°F change last 3 hours

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Moon Phase
Distance 08:35 pm
246250 miles
86% Full

D i r e c t i o n
bearing 59°
Currently 0° ⇑ above the horizon
Thursday  November 30, 2023
Moonrise 08:27:40 PM
Lunar Noon 02:58:16 AM
Moonset 10:25:09 AM

Next New 12/12/2023 05:31:57 PM
Next First Quarter 12/19/2023 12:39:09 PM
Next Full 12/26/2023 06:33:08 PM
Next Third Quarter 12/04/2023 11:49:10 PM

08:35 pm CST
Direction: W @ 265°
91.6724272374 million miles from Earth
-39.205869817° ⇓ below the horizon

Thursday  November 30, 2023
Dawn: 06:43:05 AM
Sunrise: 07:09:40 AM
Solar Noon: 12:20:04 PM
Sunset: 05:30:17 PM
Dusk: 05:56:53 PM

 Daylight: 10 hrs, 21 min
-54 sec less than yesterday
Darkness: 13 hrs, 39 min
Future Seasonal Solar Events
(Northern Hemisphere)

   Vernal Equinox: 03/19/2024 10:06:20 PM
 Summer Solstice: 06/20/2024 03:51:01 PM
Autumnal Equinox: 09/22/2024 07:43:29 AM
    Winter Solstice: 12/21/2023 09:27:07 PM

Earth Station W5SDC-WX
Thursday  November 30, 2023   08:35 pm CST

99.86% total mass of the entire solar system
Fuses 600M metric tons of hydrogen per sec
equivalent to trillions of atomic bombs.

Diameter 864,938 mi
Rotation Period: 648 hours       Year: 247.7 billion years
Average Surface temp 10,000°F
Current Position and Bearings

91.6724272374 million miles  from Earth
Rise 07:09:40 AM
Set 05:30:17 PM
Bearing 265.782386192°
-39.205869817° above the horizon

Smallest planet. Closest to the Sun, but
not the hottest planet. Very thin atmosphere.
Mercury is shrinking and wrinkling. No moon.

Diameter 3,031.9 mi
Day: 4222.6 hrs      Year: 88 days
Average surface temp 330°F
Current Position and Bearings

101.196449003 million miles  from Earth
36.2465773228 million miles from the Sun
Rise 08:52:49 AM
Set 06:46:22 PM
Bearing 252.031521505°
-21.8935105637° above the horizon

Hottest planet due to high pressure
CO2 atmosphere. Brightest due to highly
reflective clouds of CO2. No moon.

Diameter 7,520.8 mi
Day: 2802 hrs      Year: 224.7 days
Average surface temp 867°F (lead melts at 621.5 °F)
Current Position and Bearings

90.664653434 million miles from Earth
66.7850755975 million miles from the Sun
Rise 03:46:18 AM
Set 03:14:56 PM
Bearing 327.020851422°
-63.8470783989° above the horizon

Only planet with H2O oceans, life forms,
and just one moon.

Moon phase as seen from this station (northern hemisphere)

Diameter 7,917.5 mi
Day: 24 hrs      Year: 365.25 days
Average surface temp 59°F (rising due to CO2 pollution)
Current Position

91.6724272374 million miles  from the Sun
246250 mi  from the Moon

Oxidized ores explain it's reddish color
Polar ice caps and seasons like Earth.
2 moons

Diameter 4,212.3 mi
Day: 24h 37m 23s       Year: 687 days
Average surface temp -85°F
Current Position and Bearings

232.694870929 million miles from Earth
141.363522896 million miles from the Sun
Rise 06:54:29 AM
Set 05:13:25 PM
Bearing 268.219643574°
-42.5931211359° above the horizon

Largest planet, all gases, no land surface
Violent hydrogen & helium atmosphere.
95 moons

Diameter 86,881 mi
Day: 09h 50m 30s       Year: 11.86 years
Average surface temp -166°F
Current Position and Bearings

382.240793063 million miles from Earth
462.849754502 million miles from the Sun
Rise 03:41:13 PM
Set 04:49:23 AM
Bearing 122.897615472°
61.06550435° above the horizon

Rings are most likely previous moons
reduced to rubble by Saturn's gravity.
146 confirmed moons

Diameter 72,367 mi
Day: 10h 14m       Year: 29.46 years
Average surface temp -220°F
Current Position and Bearings

0.913366847372 billion mi  from Earth
0.905995813284 billion miles from the Sun
Rise 12:36:48 PM
Set 11:39:31 PM
Bearing 224.949766805°
34.182754041° above the horizon

28° axial tilt, similar to Mars & Earth
Rotates on it's side. 14 moons

Diameter 31,518 mi
Day: 17h 14m       Year: 84 years
Average surface temp -320°F
Current Position and Bearings

1.73636751886 billion miles  from Earth
1.82364248439 billion miles  from the Sun
Rise 04:19:38 PM
Set 05:52:54 AM
Bearing 102.232563949°
53.655992195° above the horizon

Furthest, darkest, and coldest planet
1,500 mph winds and 13 moons

Diameter 30,599 mi
Day: 16 hrs       Year: 164.8 years
Average surface temp -330°F
Current Position and Bearings

2.75272184673 billion miles  from Earth
2.7797956014 billion miles  from the Sun
Rise 01:41:58 PM
Set 01:34:05 AM
Bearing 205.30716728°
53.4486276517° above the horizon

This section is dedicated to Elwood Downey (Callsign:WB0OEW) Creator of the Ephem astronomical position computing library for the Python computer language.