Mixed band/mode WAS achieved July 1, 2008

 Mixed band/mode WAS log




The American Radio Relay League's Worked All States award is available for HAM radio operators that wish to be recognized for this significant achievement. In order to claim the WAS certificate, an operator must be able to provide proof of a direct station-to-station contact in each of the 50 states.

Amateur radio operators regularly exchange QSL cards as verification of contacts made on the air. Most prefer postcard QSLs sent to each other through the postal system; however, some HAMs exchange QSLs electronically over the internet. My QSL cards confirming each state can be viewed below.

I prefer the US Mail because of the character and authenticity that an address and postmark adds to the card. Each card has a uniqueness of it's own.  Amateur radio operators come from all walks of life and the cards are a wonderful reflection of this diversity.                                                                              



Just for Fun

 DMR WAS log

 Wires-X WAS log