Located 25 miles NW of Austin, Texas
21st century FM and digital communications worldwide
Wires-X is a registered trademark of Yaesu Inc.

Radio cart at the W5SDC shack. World, state, and city wide communications with a very modest amount of equipment.

MAIN SERVER w5sdc.net
E-Mail, web, NAS, and WX station engine.

Conky for linux system monitor

Yaesu FTM-7250 serves as the shack work radio for local simplex, FM/C4FM repeater, and YSF to DMR via two Pi-Star hotspots.
This antenna by pure coincidence is also resonant on 220 Mhz. Such a deal!

W5SDC (pre digital era)

FM, HF, SSB antennas, and Davis weather station in 2004

Wrecked by a winter storm blast on Feb 1, 2011. The top North guy wire snapped during a wind gust.

My legacy HF radio table in those days. The Alinco DR-235 220 monobander (lower right corner)
is the only radio still in service today on it's monoband 1/4 wave Ugly Duck dipole.

"Thank You for visiting w5sdc.net"

Callsign W5SDC