Digital Mobil Radio
on multiple HotSpots at W5SDC
supporting YSF and DMR radios

Large shortwave transceivers, amplifiers, and antennas are no longer required to contact amateur stations worldwide

Radio-----> HotSpot-----> Internet-----> DMR Router-----> Desired Talk Group (EVERY radio & repeater)

HotSpot at the shack running Pi-Star on a Raspberry Pi 4 supporting both DMR and YSF. The Pi-Star OS includes the linux SAMBA server so the system also functions as a dandy Windows file server on it's 1Gb/s network port. The external USB 3.0 SSD provides 500GB of storage.

HotSpot in the mobile serving the Yaesu with a YSF to DMR gateway and native DMR on the Baofeng RD-5R HT.

Little Red is a "backpack" build to accommodate DMR only portables using my cell phone as a tether to the internet.

Little Blue is my backup node. The attached SSD is divided into 4 partitions that contain the Pi-Star root filesystems for all hotspots. Therefore, it can be booted into action to replace any failed or offline hotspot with a quick edit of /boot/cmdline.txt